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An introduction to Minneapolis and Hennepin County's Project Homeless Connect
event from our October 2007 event.

Project Homeless Connect is a one-stop shop model for delivering services to people experiencing homelessness. Twice each year, Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis partner with service providers, businesses, citizens, and faith congregations to bring multiple resources to one central location where people can come to access the services they need.

These services include housing, employment, medical care, mental health care, benefits and legal assistance, eye doctors, haircuts, chiropractic, and dental care.  The first of these events occurred on December 14, 2005, at the Basilica of St. Mary. It was a tremendous success, involving 250 volunteers and service providers and serving over 500 men, women, children, and youth experiencing homelessness.

There have been fifteen events since the first Project Homeless Connect at the Basilica, and the event has grown to serve thousands of individuals
seeking services with the help of nearly 1,000 volunteers each time.